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Plastics & Polymers

From research and development to manufacturing, the plastics and polymers industry is thriving within AMP's six state footprint. The polymer industry is an important sector, contributing to positive economic and employment data. Qualified employees are available through regional accredited programs.  And, when it comes to distribution, we offer an excellent location.
If you’re considering a relocation or expansion for your plastics or polymer company, consider these facts:


A world leader in the plastics and polymers industry, Ohio offers distinctive advantages like:
  • Easy access to major U.S. markets and world-class transportation options
  • An extensive supply chain and R&D
  • Over 81,000 skilled, experienced industry workers
  • A Job Ready Sites program with a third-party guarantee of on-schedule and on-budget construction
  • A location selected by some of the largest companies in the industry
  • A world-class supplier network
  • Over $200 million in available grants and incentives
  • 8 universities with specialized industry training programs and best-in-class research. Learn more
Related companies in AMP communities
Goldsmith & Eggleton, Inc. (Wadsworth), ITW Tomco (Bryan), Plastech Engineered Products (Bryan), Titan Tire (Bryan), Allied Moulded Products (Bryan), SAS Rubber (Painesville), Cooper-Standard (Bowling Green), Continental Structural Plastics (Carey).
Selected companies
A. Schulman, Cooper Tire and Rubber Company, Goodyear Tire and Rubber and PolyOne.


Since 2000, Virginia’s 250 plastics companies have invested $1.21 billion and created over 5,500 new jobs in the plastics and advanced materials industry. Advantages for plastics and polymers companies in Virginia include:
  • Acclaimed training programs at Danville Community College and Workforce Services
  • More than 19,700 ready-trained workers
  • Easy access to major interstates, railroads, commercial airports and ports
  • Competitive operation costs, including low unemployment insurance tax Learn more

Related companies in AMP communities
The Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company (Danville) and Intertape Polymer (Danville).
Selected companies
Alloy Polymers, DuPont, Honeywell, Rubbermaid, Inc. and Polymer Group.

West Virginia

Ranked 6th in the nation for its share in GDP from chemicals and polymers, West Virginia is a national leader for a reason. Advantages for plastics and polymers companies in West Virginia include:
  • Over 8,000 trained workers employed in the polymer industry and more than 131,000 workers with special skills in machinery operations, chemistry, engineering and more
  • University training programs designed specifically for the industry
  • The 2nd lowest employee turnover rate in the nation
  • The 3rd lowest cost of doing business in the nation Learn more
Related company in AMP community
Santiago Plastics (Philippi)
Selected companies
Bayer MaterialScience LLC , Kureha PGA LLC, Klockner Pentaplast, Adell Polymers Inc., Star Plastics, Inc.


Home to nearly 1,000 plastic companies, Pennsylvania provides these companies with skilled labor, research and development, the right location, no sales tax, and other assistance.  The Commonwealth is the location of two of the top five nationally accredited plastics programs in the nation, making Pennsylvania the ideal location for your plastics and polymers business.
Related companies
Associated Rubber ((Quakertown) and Quaker Plastic Corporation (Schuylkill Haven)
Selected companies
Nova Chemicals, Inc.; AMETEK, Inc.; Tekni-Plex, Inc.; Rohm and Hass Company; Bayor Materialscience.


Plastics and polymers are a growing industry within the state.  Home to the nation's larges plastics undergraduate degree program at Ferris State University, quality employees are readily available.
Related companies in AMP communities
Voltek Inc. (Coldwater)
Selected companies
CAS-MI, Summit Polymers, West Michigan Plastics, Grand Haven Plastics


The proximity of the automobile industry to Kentucky, an industry with a large dependence on plastics and rubber, makes Kentucky an attractive site for the plastics and polymers industry.  The state finds intself within 500 miles of most of the United States' auto production.  Within a day's drive of the Great Lakes, Atlantic Ocean, ahd the Gulf of Mexico, Kentucky provides a superb location for distribution. 
Related companies in AMP communities
Infiniti Plastic Tech Inc. (Paducah)
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Ticona Polymers, Hitech Polymers, General Rubber & Plastics