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Maryland: Educated Workforce

Maryland has the second highest concentration of professional and technical workers among the states. Home to over three million workers, Maryland has the highest proportion of doctoral scientists and engineers in the nation.
Maryland also encourages business growth with its venture capital investments, tax credits, direct loans, grants and loan guarantees. These programs foster an environment that encourages expansions and job creation. The state is also home to more than 30 new-business incubators for technology-driven companies.
The state’s diversified economy is rooted in high technology, biosciences and services, as well as revitalized manufacturing and international trade.

Why Maryland?

  • Its outstanding logistics and transportation infrastructure includes highway, air, and one of the nation's busiest international deep-water ports.
  • Median household income is the highest among the states.
  • Fifty-six accredited two-and four-year colleges and universities currently serve over 360,000 students around the state.
  • Commercial and industrial properties are available for research and development, office, warehouse/distribution, heavy/light industrial and manufacturing uses.

Maryland American Municipal Power Member

In addition to the strong location advantages of Maryland, businesses that locate in AMP member communities enjoy a diverse mix of reliable electric power supply at affordable rates with a voice in local policies.
To learn more about the AMP member community in Maryland, please click on the link below or  Contact us.

Maryland AMP Member