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Why Public Power?


Environmental Stewardship/Clean Energy

It is AMP’s mission to develop, manage and supply diverse, competitively priced, reliable wholesale energy to its public power members through strategic partnerships, member-focused relationships and a diversified power supply resource mix (hydro, solar, wind, landfill gas, natural gas, clean coal technology, etc.). AMP’s efforts yield a balanced, responsible generation portfolio and increase the use of renewable generation resources. AMP and its members are committed to reducing our overall emissions profile. To learn more about members' generation portfolio, please click here
AMP and its member communities are committed to being good stewards of the environment and have established six principles to guide and support our conservation and sustainability actions.  To learn more about our principles and environmental programs, please click here.

Energy Efficiency

AMP recognizes that electricity not generated – because it is not needed – yields the greatest environmental benefit. Reducing electricity demand through innovative conservation efforts and efficiency improvements will help conserve natural resources as well as reduce emissions.
AMP partners with nationally recognized VEIC to provide a wide range of energy-efficiency and implementation services for subscribing AMP members. The goal of AMP’s venture, known as “Efficiency Smart” is to encourage residential, business and industrial customers to adopt cost-effective energy efficiency services that provide reliable and verifiable cost savings.
To learn more about Efficiency Smart, please click here.

Competitive Electric Rates

Every business is concerned with operating cost, and one major cost is electrical power. AMP member public power systems are not-for-profit electric systems, operated by local municipal governments who establish their electric rates based on the cost to serve. The benefit to business is competitive electric rates without the burden of shareholder profits.

Reliable Service

Public power systems are known for providing reliable electric service. Many of AMP’s member municipal electric systems have earned the American Public Power Association's coveted RP3 designation offered only to public power systems in the United States that demonstrate proficiency in electric reliability, safety, system improvements and education. These electric power systems are operated and maintained by local personnel, the same folks you see on Main Street, in church or attending your children’s ballet, gymnastics or soccer game. So if electrical power disturbances occur for any reason, professionally trained, experienced and safety conscious operating personnel are within minutes of your facility - always.

Locally Owned

Public power systems are locally owned. Administered by officials elected by the community, as a constituent, you and other citizens have a voice – both through elections and participation in open public meetings. If you want to contact elected officials personally, they are local and accessible – not located far away and inaccessible.
Public power systems offer more than reliable service, low cost, local control, easy access and fast service. When it's time for your facility to expand locally, public power systems use available inventory and resources to meet your facility's business expansion needs in a timely manner. Whether it’s a customer owned transformer failure due to weather or a distribution line extension to meet expansion goals, public power communities maintain the resources and provide technical and business expansion services necessary to keep your facility operating profitably.

Good Stewards

Public power systems are good stewards.  Public power systems are regularly giving back to the community in lieu of taxes.

According to American Public Power Association (APPA) statistics, "on average, public power utilities return to state and local governments in-lieu-of-tax payments and other contributions that are 15 percent greater than state and local taxes paid by private power companies." Public power systems give back to the community through their work in local parks, at festivals or simply maintaining street lights, traffic lights or lights at the local football stadium.
Consider these advantages while looking to expand, locate or relocate your facility – your competition probably does!
For more information on public power communities served by AMP, Contact us.