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Jackson Economic Development Opportunities Report May 2024

Available Properties in Jackson, Ohio

Welcome to Jackson, Ohio, where the people are friendly, and the area is so inviting that you won’t want to leave. Your business can find a home in Jackson.

Jackson has a population of 6,252 and is located in the picturesque Appalachian foothills of southern Ohio in Jackson County. Jackson provides a quality of life that’s affordable, comfortable, and full of outstanding recreational opportunities. You will also find that Jackson has outstanding economic development opportunities, supported by a skilled workforce, affordable development sites and buildings, and a robust transportation system built for business success. It’s a place you will be happy to call home.

Location, Location, Location!

When traveling through Jackson you are within a day’s drive of two-thirds of the U.S. population, thanks to two major highways that pass through the area – U.S. 35 and State Route 32, as well as seven major interstate highways that are within a two-hour drive. Major metro markets such as Columbus, Cincinnati, and Dayton, Ohio; and Huntington and Charleston, West Virginia, are all within a two-hour drive. Air travel via the James A. Rhodes Airport is conveniently located just five miles south of town with the John Glenn Columbus International Airport and Rickenbacker Inland Port less than a two-hour drive to the north.

For relaxation after a day’s work, Jackson offers a variety of recreational opportunities. Whether you are looking for arts and culture, outdoor adventures, or a weekend of rich history, Jackson has something for every curiosity. The area is abundant with state parks and nature preserves that offer camping, fishing, biking, hiking and horseback riding. Historical hot spots include petroglyphs, Civil War battlefields, early African American settlements, a Welsh Heritage trail, a covered-bridge trail and local history museums. The experience of hiking through the sandstone gorges of Lake Katharine State Nature Preserve is not to be missed.

The annual Jackson Apple Festival, the third weekend in September, has welcomed people into Jackson from near and far since 1937 and has become one of the largest and most respected festivals in Ohio. This event offers a fun and festive atmosphere for people of all ages to enjoy food, entertainment and activities while showcasing the importance of agriculture and local produce in the region.

Why Jackson

Jackson has a keen sense of community with supportive residents, local businesses, and community organizations working together to create a welcoming and inclusive environment. For entrepreneurs and businesses, Jackson offers opportunities for growth and success with its strategic location, access to markets, and supportive business environment.

The city benefits from a diverse economy with a mix of industries, including manufacturing, healthcare, education and tourism. This provides stability and resilience, which helps to reduce dependence on any single sector and creates opportunities for collaboration and innovation.

Starting a business in a small town like Jackson can be advantageous due to lower operating costs, access to local markets, and support from the community and local government. Here is a sampling of businesses that are proud to call Jackson home:

  • E. Ruston Electric
  • Brenmar Construction Co.
  • Holzer Clinic of Jackson
  • The Ivy Social Salon
  • Cole, Kirby & Associates, LLC.

There are no personal or corporate income taxes in the City of Jackson. The city is supported by the Jackson County Economic Development Partnership (JCEDP). The JCEDP can assist with a full array of business-friendly incentives such as state loans and tax credit programs. The city offers business incentives including Enterprise Zones which provides tax exemptions, and a revolving loan fund.  Jackson offers affordable, reliable, high-quality utility services, including water, sewer, electric distribution, and trash pickup.

This region is further supported by one of Ohio’s most dynamic and innovative regional economic development partnerships, Ohio Southeast Economic Development. With its abundance of developed industrial sites and natural resources, southeast Ohio is the ideal home for a variety of industries. Jackson County is one of the 25 counties of southeast Ohio that is perfectly positioned to be within a 10-hour drive of the major population centers in the northeast, midwest, and southeastern United States, as well as southeastern Canada. Southeast Ohio is a manufacturing region, with companies and a work force having concentrations in metals, polymers & petrochemicals, hardwood products, food processing, heavy truck assembly, auto components, energy production, logistics and back-office operations. Southeast Ohio is a labor surplus region with one in four workers commuting outside the region to metro areas. The region’s labor surplus, favorable tax climate, low operating costs as well as abundant and affordable energy make it an ideal location to grow a business.

Jackson provides access to various educational programs and resources to support lifelong learning and skill development and is committed to providing a quality education for its residents from early childhood through adulthood. From the Jackson City School District to an array of regional colleges, universities and technical schools, Jackson is committed to providing a quality education and support services to help students succeed. Within a two-hour drive you can reach The Ohio State University in Columbus, and Marshall University in Huntington, West Virginia.

Jackson, Ohio, has so much to offer today’s growing businesses. It starts with a central location within one of America’s most centrally located states. Then add in affordable sites, land, buildings, a robust transportation infrastructure of both interstate-quality highways and rail transportation (with rail-served sites), along with a long tradition of craftsmanship and productivity. When you do business here, you’re within a single day’s drive of 140 million North American consumers, and at the center of a labor shed that puts 291,000 workers within 90 minutes of your operation. Jackson has an unmatched quality of life that’s affordable, comfortable and full of outstanding recreational and economic opportunities.

If you wish to locate near major highways, solid and reliable utility service, quality educational facilities, economic incentives, or recreational opportunities – the City of Jackson offers it all! Come visit and we’re sure you will agree. Why not check us out? Just give us a call or stop by. We’ll be glad to show you around so you can see all that Jackson has to offer.

Site opportunities include:

Harding & Veterans Drive Commercial Site

  • 84 acres of vacant land

Ball Property

  • 31.10 acres of vacant land

Jackson-Grandview Builders Spec 1 (Under Construction)

  • 32,000 sq ft of office and industrial space

Salt Creek Industrial Park Tract C

  • 54 acres of vacant land

Salt Creek Industrial Park Tract A

  • 70 acres of vacant land for office and industrial space

Salt Creek Industrial Park Tract B

  • 50 acres of vacant land for industrial and flex space

Vets Development

  • 50 acres of vacant land for industrial space

Public Power and AMP

Public power utilities are not-for-profit, community-owned electric systems that work to provide the highest quality, most reliable power to residents and businesses. They are a part of the communities and focus on what is best for the people and businesses they serve.

American Municipal Power, Inc. (AMP) is the nonprofit wholesale power supplier and services provider for 132 Members, including 131 municipal Members in the states of Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia; as well as the Delaware Municipal Electric Corporation, a joint action agency in Smyrna, DE. On behalf of our Members, AMP deploys a diverse renewable generation portfolio along with environmentally responsible programs and services as part of a corporate commitment to sustainability.

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