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AMP member communities — a compelling model for success

AMP’s public power member communities have been recognized time and time again for their successful business climate. AMP member communities are largely located within the top 15 states for business climate, according to Site Selection Magazine’s Top State Business Climate Rankings.

Rankings & accolades

Virginia: Consistently ranked as a top state for doing business. “Forbes has rated the business climates of the 50 states since 2006, with only North Carolina (three times), Utah (six times) and Virginia (five times) ever claiming the top spot.” Source

Delaware: #6 of Top 10 Best States for Business
Two-thirds of Fortune 500 companies are incorporated in Delaware.
Business birth rate: 3.5% | Tax burden: 9.8% of state personal income | Patent creation: 317 per million people Source

Maryland: #5 of top 10 Best States for Economic Opportunity
The highest state median household income in the nation.
Median household income: $86,738 | Poverty rate: 9.0% | Food-insecure households: 10.1% Source

By the numbers

Regional population: 2,293,511

Labor force: 1,175,558

Total number of business establishments: 105,204

Average household income: $65,807

Population holding a post-secondary degree or higher: 36%


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