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Pennsylvania AMP Members

Pennsylvania: Innovation at its best

Pennsylvania’s public power communities provide a great place to grow your business. They have made it easier than ever for companies to succeed by creating a friction-free business climate and eliminating burdensome regulations, lowering taxes, and reforming workers’ compensation. In Pennsylvania, the partnerships between government, businesses and universities ensure that benefits from leading-edge research and development stay close to home.

Pennsylvania’s workforce is another plus. Graduates from the Commonwealth’s outstanding universities combine with a highly trained, skilled workforce to provide the employees you need to elevate your organization.

Why Pennsylvania?

  • Pennsylvania’s business development program is one of the most ambitious in the nation. Financial incentives exist for companies willing to expand or relocate.
  • Pennsylvania’s prestigious universities bring new talent, technology, and ideas to the area.
  • Pennsylvania has a highly educated workforce: more than 90 percent of adults have at least a high school diploma and more than 30 percent have a bachelor’s or graduate degree (2019 Census Data).

Pennsylvania AMP member communities

In addition to the strong location advantages of Pennsylvania, businesses that locate in AMP member communities enjoy a diverse mix of reliable electric power supply at affordable rates with a voice in local policies.

To learn more about each AMP member community in Pennsylvania, please click on the links within the community quick links section or contact us.

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