Workforce Data
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Qualified workforce. Abundant opportunity.

With a pipeline of talented workers graduating from some of the nation’s top colleges and universities, a growing economy and competitive wage rates, there is no better place to build your business than within one of AMP’s member public-power communities. AMP’s Workforce IQ and Talent Pipeline tools, provided below, allow you to view data for AMP member communities and labor shed areas.

To view the workforce landscape for any of the states, regions or communities in the AMP territory, use the Workforce IQ tool by choosing a geography from the 3 drop downs. Demographic numbers from Esri, jobs, wage and industry data from Chmura will be provided on the dashboard. The below geography definitions have been set up:

  • States – Data at the state level is reported for all the counties that AMP member communities are located within. Note: these figures do not represent the entire state’s geography.
  • Regions – Data at the regional level is reported for pre-defined regional boundaries if Ohio or Pennsylvania is selected in the State filter.  For any other state selected, regional data is reported using a 45-minute commute labor shed area.
  • Communities – Data at the community level is reported using the community plus a 45-minute commute labor shed area for all Ohio or Pennsylvania communities.  For all other states, community data is reported for individual communities or counties as indicated.

To view the potential talent at surrounding colleges and universities in the area, click the graduation cap on the left hand navigation bar and run a program search to view total number of graduates at each school where those degrees are offered.

Thank you for your interest in AMP Economic Development