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Michigan AMP Members

Michigan: Opportunities abound

Michigan brings together everything enterprising individuals and businesses are looking for. Michigan companies get the upper hand thanks to: quality of life and a fair and competitive business tax structure with an array of tax credits, abatements and corporate incentives. The Great Lakes State also offers an education system with standards among the highest in the nation and an extensive well established infrastructure to support your expanding business.

Michigan promotes a full range of progressive business incentives. Assistance is available to companies starting, expanding or relocating to Michigan. Through a wide array of business tax incentives and economic development programs, Michigan fosters a vibrant economic environment for the business community.

In Michigan you will find:

  • Tax-free zones
  • Corporate infrastructure assistance
  • Business real estate help
  • Corporate relocation services
  • Corporate incentives

Michigan AMP member communities

In addition to the strong location advantages of Michigan, businesses that locate in AMP member communities enjoy a diverse mix of reliable electric power supply at affordable rates with a voice in local policies.

To learn more about each AMP member community in Michigan, please click on the links within the community quick links section or contact us.

Thank you for your interest in AMP Economic Development