Advanced/Alternative Energy
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Advanced/alternative energy

The alternative energy industry is growing every day within the nine-state footprint of AMP’s member communities. States within the region have over $300 million in available funding and grants dedicated to continued expansion and development in the industry. Michigan in particular, is primed for vast advancement with over 65,000 trained engineers and a first-of-its-kind $1 billion incentive program.

Top employers

Advanced Hydro Solutions, Alcon Research, American Governor, American Hydro Corp., Brookfield Power Corp., Custom Agri Systems, Inc. (Napoleon), Dow Corning’s Hemlock Semiconductor Corp., Dow Solar, Green by Design (Bowling Green), Green kW Energy, LLC, Edgewater Automation LLC, Morning Star Corporation, Morningstar Corp., Mountain View Solar and Wind, PIMBY, Plextronics, Inc., Southeast Biofuels, Specialized Power Systems, Inc., Steam Turbine Alternative Resources, Sun Selector, Sunpower Inc., Tellurex Corp., Dowding Industries, United Solar Ovonic, VPT Energy and Wellhead Energy Systems.

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