Painesville, OH
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Susan Crotty, CEcD,
Economic Development Director
7 Richmond Street
Painesville, Ohio 44077

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On the first day your company sits down with the City of Painesville, the City works with the company to identify their need for speed.  The City prides itself on a quick delivery of customer demands to ensure that the new construction process does not delay production or hurt business.
This was definitely the case with PCC Airfoils, LLC, although offers rolled in from communities from Georgia to Oregon, the company had trouble finding a city willing to work within a tight time frame. But Painesville understood.  Thanks to quick maneuvering on the part of city employees, Painesville was able to offer the company the building schedule it desired, securing a valuable asset for Northeast Ohio.
“A lot of the time, getting through all the bureaucracy and protocol of permitting and reviews and township meetings and city council meetings can really bog down getting something done,” says Michael A. Kinney, program manager for PCC Airfoils. “The one thing Painesville has done extremely well is cut through the red tape. They didn’t skip any steps, but they provided us the quick execution of our facility.”
Painesville proved its willingness to expedite on that first day. When PCC Airfoils indicated to City Manager Rita McMahon its concerns about delay, McMahon responded by rallying her entire staff to meet that afternoon with the company. “We were able to get a lot done in a day that would typically take weeks or months in a lot of communities,” Kinney says.
For the city, going above and beyond to meet the needs of potential companies is essential. At only seven square miles and with a population of 17,000, Painesville has relied on its Utility infrastructure in Electric, Water, Sewer and Wireless as well as its administrative expertise to act quickly in attracting large and medium sized industrial customers.
*** Five (5) properties available for development ***
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