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Niles Economic Development Opportunities Report-April 2023

Available Properties in the City of Niles, Ohio

Located in the Mahoning Valley, a metropolitan area in Northeast Ohio, the City of Niles, known for its ethnic diversity, is the birthplace of William McKinley, Jr., the 25th President of the United States. The City is both steeped in history and poised to embrace the future.

Aerial View of Downtown Niles

Welcome to the City of Niles

Welcome to the City of Niles, a comfortable, growing community with a population of 18,460, offering feature-rich living located in Trumbull County, Ohio.​ Niles provides a plethora of amenities to drive business growth, and accommodations for affordable living with a safe and high quality of life and comfort.

Niles is located in the nation’s former heavy industrial belt, that has transitioned and adapted to become a leading manufacturing and retail hub for the northern Mahoning Valley. Robust development activities have centered around the Eastwood Mall complex and along the U.S. Route 422 corridor. Eastwood Mall has over 200 stores and was voted the best shopping mall in Ohio.

In terms of access by air, Niles is in an extremely competitive location. The area is served by 32 airports within 50 miles, including Akron-Canton Airport, Northeast Ohio Regional Airport, the Pittsburgh International Airport, and the Cleveland Hopkins International Airport, that are all within easy driving distance.

Location of Niles in Trumbull County and the state of Ohio

The City of Niles is a prime location – halfway between Cleveland and Pittsburgh (both less than 70 miles away). Akron is less than 47 miles and can be driven in less than an hour. Niles has excellent access to major interstates including Interstate 76 (4.2 miles), Interstate 80 (8 miles), and Interstate 77 (less than 45 miles). The Ohio Turnpike can be accessed in just over one hour. One can commute to destinations such as Charleston, WV; Dayton, OH; or Rochester, NY, in less than 4 ½ hours. Rail can be strategically accessed within the community. With interstates and state highways in such close proximity, Niles is well-positioned for smooth transport of people, freight, goods, and cargo.

Niles has a vision for a future of progressive growth and technology-centric development, that makes it a location that cannot afford to be overlooked.

Why Niles?

The leading industries in Niles are retail, accommodation and food services, healthcare and social services and transportation and warehousing. Among businesses that have made Niles their home include:

  • Dinesol Plastics, Inc.
  • Diggs Management
  • New Century Metals, Inc.
  • International Technical Polymer Systems, Inc.
  • Phillips Manufacturing Co.

Niles benefits from the exciting renaissance, redevelopment and revitalization of the Northeast Ohio Region’s four-plus major metropolitan areas (Cleveland, Akron, Canton and Youngstown), creating the 15th largest market in the United States. The region is represented by Team Northeast Ohio (Team NEO), one of Ohio’s most dynamic and innovative economic development partnerships representing the eighteen (18) counties that comprise Northeast Ohio and includes:

  • A workforce of more than 2 million and is home to 40% of Ohio’s Fortune 1000 companies (the most Fortune 1000 companies of any region in Ohio)
  • More than 200 global companies
  • Approximately 800 world business headquarters

Northeast Ohio’s central location reaches the largest number of consumers in a 250-mile/400-km radius compared with any other metro market in the U.S.

Educational opportunities abound in the Niles area and are just minutes away with Trumbull Business College and Eastern Gateway College only a five-minute drive from Niles. And for those looking for a more technical education, ETI Technical College is located in the heart of Niles.

Niles’ efficient use of revenues and resources has allowed city leaders to make significant investments in the City’s infrastructure. Niles has invested more than $36 million in a new wastewater treatment plant facility, and the City consistently invests in new roads, parks, water and sewer improvements, and other infrastructure capital.

Baseball fans should definitely find their way to Eastwood Field, which is home to the Mahoning Valley Scrappers, the collegiate summer baseball team of the MLB Draft League.

Taking Care of Business

The City of Niles has been maintaining its own electrical system for over 100 years. Niles maintains and re-distributes power through purchasing from American Municipal Power, Inc. (AMP), and this partnership enables Niles to reduce rates to its end users.

Niles maintains and re-distributes power to its businesses and residents using its own local crews, which means less downtime for its end users when a power issue occurs.

If you’re not doing business in Niles, you should! Cost savings in utilities alone have proven Niles to be a great economic development location to conduct business and a safe place to call home. Come see for yourself!

Site opportunities include:

Niles – 720 Youngstown Warren Road

  • 1,080 sq. ft. available office space

Niles – 1050 Youngstown Warren Road

  • 10,500 sq. ft. of available multi-tenant retail space

Niles – 1225 Youngstown Warren Road, SE

  • 5.65 acres of available commercial land

    1225 Youngstown Warren Road, SE

Niles – 5845 Youngstown Warren Road

  • 4,084 sq. ft. of available retail and office space

Niles – Flea Market

  • 71,280 sq. ft. of available commercial space

Niles – 345 Warren Road

  • 30,928 sq. ft. of available commercial space

Niles – 1111 Niles Cortland Road

  • 40,075 sq. ft. for turnkey bar/restaurant

Niles – Gentry

  • 6,000 sq. ft. of available commercial space

Niles – 624 – 630 Vienna Avenue

  • 1,276 sq. ft. of available commercial office space

Niles – 630 Youngstown Road

  • 5.10 acres of available commercial land

Niles – 539 Mason Street

  • 8,250 sq. ft. of available commercial space

Niles – 2315 Robbins Avenue

  • 0.27 acres of available commercial land

Niles – 604 – 606 Robbins Avenue

  • 1 parcel with 2 storefronts and a tri-plex

Niles – 1240 N. Main Street

  • 12,229 sq. ft. of available office space

Niles – Castle Color

  • 3,000 sq. ft. of available commercial space

Niles – 704 Warren Avenue

  • 36,155 sq. ft. of available industrial, warehouse space

Niles – Altobelli Site

  • 5 acres of available commercial land

    McKinley Public Library City of Niles

Public Power and AMP

Public power utilities are not-for-profit, community-owned electric systems that work to provide the highest quality, most reliable power to residents and businesses. They are a part of the communities and focus on what is best for the people and businesses they serve.

American Municipal Power, Inc. (AMP) is the nonprofit wholesale power supplier and services provider for 133 members in the states of Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia; as well as the Delaware Municipal Electric Corporation, a joint action agency in Smyrna, Delaware. On behalf of our members, AMP deploys a diverse renewable generation portfolio along with environmentally responsible programs and services as part of a corporate commitment to sustainability.

For more information about our member communities and programs, visit

Greenway Mahoning River Bridge

McKinley Birthplace

Eastwood Field, home of the Mahoning Valley Scrappers

Thank you for your interest in AMP Economic Development