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Westerville Economic Development Opportunities Report May 2024


Available Properties in the City of Westerville, Ohio

Welcome to Westerville, Ohio, a city that is nationally recognized as one of “America’s Best Places to Live” by Money Magazine (#15/Top 100).

A dynamic and progressive city in the heart of the Columbus metropolitan area, Westerville has a rich history driven by purposeful development. Westerville has created a vibrant Uptown district by preserving the heritage and culture of its historic Uptown while providing progressive retail and dining amenities.

Uptown Westerville

Recognized as one of “America’s friendliest towns,” by “Forbes,” residents describe Westerville as authentic, with a hometown feel and a respect for its culture.

Location, Location, Location!

Nestled in northeast Franklin County and southern Delaware County, Westerville’s proximity to two major interstates — I-270 and I-71 — provides easy access to downtown Columbus. The John Glenn International Airport is 10 miles from Westerville, and Rickenbacker International Airport, a designated foreign trade zone, is located within a 30-minute drive. Additionally, the city is conveniently located within 500 miles of more than half of the U.S. and Canadian population.

Westerville is located in central Ohio.

More than 38,000 residents call Westerville home and join a bustling business community in taking advantage of big-city benefits, such as city-owned and -operated electric and water utilities and high-quality liberal arts educational opportunities at Otterbein University. Additionally, companies and residents can tap into educational and training opportunities from other nearby institutions, such as The Ohio State University, Capital University, Franklin University, Ohio Dominican University, Ohio Wesleyan University, Columbus State Community College and DeVry Institute of Technology.

The Westerville Planning and Development Department is an important resource for both new and existing businesses. Comprised of the Planning, Building and Engineering divisions, this department provides direction on most aspects relevant to your business. If your company is looking for a new place to thrive in an environment that nurtures the nexus of work and play, Westerville lives up to the recognition it has received from national media.

The City of Westerville Parks and Recreation is committed to helping companies provide well-being opportunities for their associates. Not only will this fulfill their personal growth objectives, but it allows an organization to extend its sustainability network and demonstrate the interconnectedness within the community. Additionally, healthy employees improve business performance, increase staff morale and reduce absenteeism through our Westerville Worksite Wellbeing program.

The Parks and Recreation Department offers an extensive park system of more than 650 acres of parkland across 46 locations. From being active at the 145,000-square-foot Community Center to walking or biking on Westerville’s 51 miles of leisure paths and bike trails, the city’s vast park system offers recreational opportunities for everyone to enjoy.

Westerville’s Worksite Wellbeing Program is designed to be the catalyst to link your employees to an array of programs and activities across the wellness spectrum within Westerville. Whether it’s a team sport, individual event, community engagement, environmental sustainability, an arts interest or a company event outside the workplace, Westerville’s Worksite Wellbeing Program can work with your organization to make it happen.

Why Westerville

Westerville, Ohio, is a dynamic and progressive city in the heart of the Columbus region, with a rich history driven by purposeful development and a forward-thinking approach to infrastructure. The city possesses critical ingredients in an increasingly competitive economic development environment.

Westerville offers tremendous assets for growth across industries, such as a vibrant business base, transportation infrastructure and an educated workforce, which are some of the attributes that make Westerville an ideal location for business growth. Some of America’s leading global brands are headquartered in the city, including:

  • DHL Supply Chain
  • Marzetti’s
  • Vertiv
  • JP Morgan Chase
  • Bank of America
  • Champion Companies

Westerville’s economy is diversified across various sectors, including healthcare, technology, education, manufacturing, retail and finance. The city collaborates with educational institutions, businesses and workforce development agencies to ensure a skilled and adaptable workforce. Training programs, apprenticeships and other initiatives help residents acquire the skills needed to succeed in the local job market. Westerville’s high quality of life, excellent schools, safe neighborhoods and recreational amenities make it an attractive destination for businesses and employees alike.

The City of Westerville has been named a Top 7 “Intelligent Community” by the Intelligent Community Forum. Westerville is one of only three cities in the United States to receive this global recognition. Here is what makes the city a Top 7 Intelligent Community:

WēConnect Fiber Network and Data Center. Westerville has its own municipal data center. This full-service, 16,000-square-foot facility supports a network of more than 40 miles of flexible, scalable fiber offering 100 Gb-plus connectivity to businesses, schools and municipal service providers. WēConnect is purpose-built, carrier-neutral and compatible with all cloud providers. Learn more about this high-speed fiber powerhouse.

A Smart Grid. Westerville is known for bringing smart technology directly to businesses and residents and is home to the only municipally owned and operated suburban electric provider in the Columbus region. The Westerville Electric Division has never settled for the status quo and is a driving force for innovation in the city, with programs like businessWISE, which provides incentives to help Westerville businesses fund green-energy programs, and smart thermostat programs, offering rebates to customers who adopt smart thermostats and help reduce peak usage and more.

The Point at Otterbein University. An innovation partnership with Westerville’s local university, The Point offers access to a truly unique collaborative environment for innovation and education. The facility not only houses Otterbein University’s Systems Engineering program but also provides opportunities for companies to conduct research or partner with others for product development. The impressive list of tenants includes JP Morgan Chase, Nestlé and Honda.

Otterbein University

The City of Westerville offers income tax offset to businesses adding jobs in the city, which could make the businesses eligible to receive an annual payment from payroll taxes that the new employees pay to the City of Westerville. Additionally, the City offers property tax abatement, which reduces the structural property taxes on new construction or significant rehabilitation of existing structures in designated Community Reinvestment Areas.

The Westerville Chamber of Commerce co-leads community workforce efforts through the Westerville Workforce, Innovation, Skills and Education (WorkWISE) Collective, an outcome of a Talent Assessment & Development Strategy. The Collective develops a collaborative talent development ecosystem that leverages and links strategic state, regional and local workforce partners to ensure all residents within Greater Westerville have opportunities to learn high-value and in-demand job skills to meet the needs of employers for today and in the future.

The City has proven to be a successful mix for many and is open for businesses and people looking for the right location that suits their personal and professional needs.

Why not check it out? Call or stop by City Hall at 21 S. State St. to schedule a time to be shown around so you can see all that Westerville has to offer.

Site opportunities include:

735 Ceramic Pl

  • 16,927 sq. ft. of office space

460 Polaris Parkway

  • 80,054 sq. ft. of office space

701-719 Brooksedge Plaza Drive

  • 45,726 sq. ft. of office space

Parcel E

  • 5 acres of vacant land

440 Polaris Parkway

  • 40,891 sq. ft. of office space

297 Old County Line Rd

  • 13,650 sq. ft. of industrial space

800 Brooksedge

  • 390,000 sq. ft. of office space

Brooksedge Corporate Center

  • 100,800 sq. ft. of call center space

220 W Schrock Rd

  • 100,800 sq. ft. of office space

480 Olde Worthington Road

  • 17,134 sq ft. of office space

8181 Worthington Rd

  • 3 acres of vacant land

8181 Worthington Road

774 Parkmeadow Dr

  • 11,972 sq. ft. of office space

500 Olde Worthington

  • 43,679 sq. ft. of office space

250 Progressive Way

  • 114,761 sq. ft. of office space

250 Progressive Way

501 W Schrock Rd

  • 60,665 sq. ft. of office and retail space

560 N Cleveland Ave

  • 19,876 sq. ft. of office space

250 Progressive Way

  • 114,761 sq. ft. of call center and office space

999 County Line Road West

  • 20,212 sq. ft. of office space

470 Olde Worthington Rd

  • 16,961 sq. ft. of office space

470 Olde Worthington Rd

770-780 Brooksedge Plaza Dr

  • 14,585 sq. ft. of office space

955 Eastwind Dr

  • 39,400 sq. ft. of office space

477 Cooper Rd

  • 18,296 sq. ft. of official and general space

Parcel J

  • 5 acres of vacant land and build to suit space

Parcel J

170-200 E Broadway Ave

  • 98,870 sq. ft. of industrial space

831-841 Green Crest Dr

  • 10,720 sq. ft. of industrial space

528 Polaris Parkway

  • 28 acres of vacant land

528 Polaris Parkway

575-615 Copeland Mill Rd

  • 17,277 sq. ft. of office space

444 N Cleveland Ave

  • 36,577 sq. ft. of office space

380 Polaris Parkway

  • 10,948 sq. ft. of office space

175 E Broadway St

  • 32,000 sq. ft. of industrial space

600 N Cleveland

  • 58,694 sq. ft. of office space

600 N Cleveland

579 Executive Campus Dr

  • 32,851 sq. ft. of office space

259-291 Schrock Rd

  • 18,036 sq. ft. of office space

600 N State St

  • 24,000 sq. ft. of office space

495 Cooper Rd

  • 14,295 sq. ft. of office space

350 Worthington Rd

  • 14,695 sq. ft. of office space

540 N Cleveland Ave

  • 19,876 sq. ft. of office space

Public Power and AMP

Public power utilities are not-for-profit, community-owned electric systems that work to provide the highest quality, most reliable power to residents and businesses. They are a part of the communities and focus on what is best for the people and businesses they serve.

American Municipal Power, Inc. (AMP) is the nonprofit wholesale power supplier and services provider for 132 members in the states of Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia; as well as the Delaware Municipal Electric Corporation, a joint action agency in Smyrna, Delaware. On behalf of our members, AMP deploys a diverse renewable generation portfolio along with environmentally responsible programs and services as part of a corporate commitment to sustainability.






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